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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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a nice story to end our show. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" from orlando right now. this is a fox news alert. is there a second terrorist? the wife of orlando terrorist omar mateen may have helped plan the murderous plot. brand new information tonight from a grand jury to investigate the killer's wife has been convened. "on the record" is coming to you live from orlando. and, of course, we are just down the street from the pulse nightclub where 49 innocent people murdered and dozens injured. tonight as the investigation is turning toward the killer's wife, we begin with fox news correspondent phil keating. phil was live outside the terrorist's home in fort pierce, florida. bill? >> greta, her name is nor zalhi salmon. she is in hiding tonight not
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staying at condo complex but hold off with friends and family but maybe not for much longer. that's because has confirmed with fbi source that federal grand jury has been convened by prosecutors seeking to indict the wife of omar mateen with 49 counts of being accessory to murder. 53 counts of attempted murder. failure to notify law enforcement of a pending terrorist attack. and lying to investigators. salmon did make a brief appearance here at midnight returning to the condo she shared with the mass killer and their 3-year-old son to retrieve a few personal items. she kept her face covered from the cameras and answered no questions before driving away. law enforcement sources also confirming to fox news she knew a lot of details about her husband's massacre plan. she then went with him to purchase some of the ammo and even drove him up to orlando so he could scope out the target pulse nightclub. tonight, mateen's father,
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once again, denied any prior knowledge. >> i wish i did know something that i could have stopped it and i could have myself. i could have called the law enforcement. so, that way we could have protected the terror of all the families. >> and the father also saying if, in fact, his son was a closeted gay muslim man, he never knew it. but that story line also unfolded with several gay regulars of club pulse saying mateen went to that club for years. and if not garks definitely bisexual, even using the gay dating app. jack for the past year. >> he was trying to pick up people, men. he is a homosexual and he was trying to pick up men. he would walk up to them and then he would maybe put his arm around them or something and maybe try to get them to dance a little bit or
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something and go other and buy a drink or something. >> and tonight we have also confirmed with the st. lucie county sheriff that back in 2013 omar mateen worked as a security guard at st. lucie county courthouse but during that time he made repeated inflammatory remarks which actually concerned several of his co-workers who told the higher ups and they determined that mateen should be transferred out of the courthouse and he was. and this all unfolded right as the fbi was launching one of its two investigations into mateen as we now know. that investigation turned up inconclusive. greta? >> phil, thank you. so, what does this grand jury news mean? "on the record's" ted williams is live outside the killer's home. before ted became a lawyer he was a cop. ted, i think this is odd because why -- i mean, typically if they were suspicious of the wife they would have arrested held her
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and then convened a grand jury. do you think it's strange? >> you know, it is absolutely strange and incomprehensible. they -- apparently appears have enough on the wife, certainly to hold her. it is a mystery as to why she would be let loose. but, greta. >> she is free. >> yes. she is free. you have to wonder why. if she knew or had reason to know of this plot. if she went out and helped him get ammunition, if she went with him to various soft targets like disney and this restaurant, the pulse, if she was there at one time that is clearly sufficient enough evidence to hold her. >> well, just so the viewers are aware that is that in order to be an aider and abetter is not just enough that you knew something and sat there silent, you have to assist it in some way. so, if she drove him to
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where i am, where the pulse is, aided him, then she is on the hook for 49 murders. because sheson aider and abetter. the aider and abetter gets the same thing as the killer, as the trigger man, right, ted? >> absolutely. you are 100 percent right. they also have to look at accessory charges. they also have to look at possible co-conspiracy charges. there are so many different charges to include felony. knowing and not taking any action. it's incomprehensible and sick, greta. >> i rarely -- felony. i almost think it doesn't exist. here is the what the perplexing thing is, ted. why is she out tonight? if a grand jury has been convened. if they are that suspicious of her, they have enough to get a criminal complaint and lock her up because she has every reason to hit the road tonight because all eyes are
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on this woman. you know, i don't understand. this do you? >> no, i don't understand it. and i would have to believe that she will soon be behind bars and if these allegations prove to be truthful, greta, i hope they throw the book at her. >> oh, i hope they throw 49 books at her. anyway, ted, thank you. in the wake of this attack, outrage aimed at president obama is growing. some are angry that he has not used the term radical islam. today the president pushed back against those critics. even appearing angry. >> when exactly would using this label accomplish? what exactly would it change? would it make isil less committed to trying to kill americans? calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away.
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this is a political distraction. there's no magic to the phrase radical islam. it's a political talking point. it's not a strategy. >> florida governor rick scott is here to go "on the record." good evening, sir. >> and i'm sorry to see you here tonight. i know this isn't the job you wanted. you became governor you never thought it would be like. this i have been talking to family members and the stories are disheartening. i talked to a mom that heard the story how her son bled to death after being shot. she thinks he was a hero trying to s i talked to individual that was shot three times. i talked to a dad that was so -- he lost his son but weighs focused on how do we make sure that we share information so this will never happen again. >> have you heard from president obama. >> no. i have not heard from president obama. they have invited me on thursday to meet him at the tarmac. >> are you going to meet him
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on the tarmac. >> yeah. absolutely. i will meet him on the tarmac. >> he had the fuss today about the term radical islam. is that simply a label or is that important? >> i think it's important. look, this is evil. we know it's evil. here's the way i think about it go listen to these stories. listen to the stories of the people who survived. listen to the stories of the people that passed away. what they expect all of us to do and it's pretty logical. we have to destroy isis. at some point we have to say how many lives is enough? we lost steven sotloff right here in florida. he was beheaded by isis. a journalist from miami. 49 people murdered, slaughtered. 43 people injured. we are going to stop the evil of radical islam. at some point as a society, as americans, we have to be furious about this. i'm furious about it i don't want it to happen in my state again. >> it's interesting yesterday secretary of state hillary clinton said we can't contain them. we have to destroy isis. and i thought -- i suspected
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that that was sort of a reference to president obama that he was trying to contain them and not destroy them. i thought it was a slight departure from him. stepping back from him. >> i want to destroy them. what they have done to this community, to the gay community here and hispanic community here to florida, to our nation, i mean, what they're doing is attacking our fabric of life. i want to have a vetting process so we know who is coming into our country. i that shared with my law enforcement. i want my citizens to be safe. if the federal government is going to allow somebody to come into my state, they vetted them, tell me. >> what are you going to say to president obama on the tarmac on thursday? >> i'm going to ask what is his plan, one, to destroy isis? what are you going to destroy isis, radical islam. let's remember, this greta, after the paris attacks, the white house told me they would not share investigating information about syrian refugees to my law enforcement. that makes no sense. >> i assume on the tarmac he
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will duck that or dodge you or talk to my chief of staff, i'm going to talk to the next person. you be going to say what? >> i am going to say i care about my citizens and that everybody lives in my state. i want to destroy isis. >> indeed, we all do, i think. we all do. it's just incredible, the way these people have suffered down here, it's just unthinkable. governor. it's always nice to see you, especially these circumstances though make it particularly rough. thank you, sir. >> our team is on the ground investigating terror attack. the biggest questions right now are what led omar mateen, the terrorist to become an evil mass murderer. and could this slaughter of innocent pulse been prevented. griff jenkins tracked down a former coworker of the terrorist. griff is live enemy fort pierce, florida. >> hi, greta. security company g 4 s we spoke with a coworker of mateen's named daniel gilroy who describes mateen as a
4:11 pm
racist, angry, ticking time bomb waiting to go off. and he says he believes this was all preventable and that others may be involved. take a look. >> omar mateen was a troubled individual. mostly based on rage and hate and frustration. he seemed to not like life. did not like people who liked life. it wasn't that every now and then he would have an incident. it was his persona. it was his normal conversation. every word was at an elevated rate. he almost yelled while having a normal conversation. classes of people would set him off. and it was a respect thing. but they didn't disrespect him. it was a perceived disrespect. he would say things like they think they're better than me and they're not. they are not even human and things like that. >> you did try and tell somebody. >> yeah. i told my supervisor.
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>> more than once? >> i believe it was on two separate occasions. but, after it fell on deaf ears and it seemed like they didn't want to handle it or deal with it, and they start to do think that i might have been the problem. i didn't want to go down that road. >> so they knew about him when they were talking to me. and they still said, you know, well, you have no evidence. it's hard to prove. and we have to be careful because is he a muslim. okay. you know. and then i saw the writing on the wall and how they were speaking to me. basically they don't want to do anything. it's their company. they don't have to do anything. but it's my life and my work atmosphere so then that's why i said move me. >> is it your sense then or belief, dan, that g 4 s should've have done more. >> absolutely. because i went to the human resource director. i wanted to file a complaint with her. and i asked about this complaint process, and she
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didn't know anything about it i said my conscience got the best of me to not just walk away from this situation. so i made one more attempt with the company. i went to a regional person that wasn't in that office, so that the next level up the chain of command and i never heard nothing back. so that's four people with that company i attempted to contact and to resolve, you know, human resource director and three levels of supervisors. and nobody cared. >> was this possibly preventable? >> it was absolutely preventable. this wasn't a mistake. it wasn't a slip through the cracks. it wasn't a matter of incompetence or intelligence. they knew the right thing. it was a matter of dollars and cents. they made a decision to make more money. >> dan, did the fbi ever talk to you? >> no, they did not. >> do you think they should? >> yes. >> why? >> because i knew him better than most.
4:14 pm
>> as we look at his wife, possibly being charged as an accomplice, one of the big questions is did he act alone was he a true lone wolf or were there possibly other people involved, what are your thoughts? >> it's possible that other people are involved. >> can you tell me more? >> law enforcement needs time to investigate that. >> and do you believe they should talk to you about this? , i'm expecting them to talk to me. >> you have reached out to law enforcement about what you may know? >> yes, i have. >> what was the reaction? >> they took my report. >> and that's local law enforcement and not the fbi? >> it is local.
4:15 pm
>> has anything come of it? >> i have not heard but i'm sure they're a professional agency that's handling it with the utmost importance but i have not heard from anybody. >> but you believe that you have important information? >> i know i do. >> >> we reached out to that security company g 4 s, they declined our request for an interview and we also reached out to local law enforcement, fort pierce police department here to find out what, if anything, they had on record in terms of anything that mr. gilroy may have filed. we have not heard back yet. but it certainly raises questions on whether or not this was truly preventable and were balls cropped or dots not connected. greta? >> griff, thank you. and we are learning tonight the orlando terrorist also targeted the happiest place on earth, in addition to the pulse nightclub. the terrorist scouted disney
4:16 pm
world disney springs as a potential target. many of you may know disney springs by its old name downtown disney. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been working her sources live from washington. catherine, what you can tell me about this. >> greta, we were able to confirm two sources one investigative and other government there is evidence of significant premeditation in this attack and that the shooter omar mateen did surveillance on at least two sites prior to buying the weapons about a week out from sunday's massacre. we were told that the two sites included the pulse nightclub as well as disney downtown. and the reason this data matters to the investigation is that it further suggests that the plot was something that was in the pipeline for some time and that it was not a snap decision on the day or even a couple of days beforehand, greta. >> you know, catherine, i love the fbi but he was on the radar screen for two separate investigations and they found nothing. he is a security guard at a
4:17 pm
courthouse. that's bizarre and apparently passed those securities. we, in the media, have gotten so much information about him in 36 hours and we don't have nearly the resources that the fbi has. does the fbi making any explanation for this? >> well, one of the issues we have been trying to pursue was that in 2014 when he appeared again in a second investigation about an american who was a suicide bomber in syria, that someone at the mosque flagged him as becoming radicalized and that he was watching the videos of the cleric anwar al awlaki who was the first american targeted for death. that's the american suicide bomber from syria you see right there. the reason that's important is that people who watch the awlaki videos, big glaring red flag that they're on the road to becoming radicalized. we saw this in san bernardino. we saw this with the tsarnaev brothers in boston. we also saw this at fort hood, consumers of these videos. i mean, you don't watch the videos for self-improvement.
4:18 pm
just not that kind of material there was really not a good answer as to why that didn't reopen it. >> catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and another isis attack. this one in paris. and the terrorist used facebook to spread its horrific crime. plus, the controversial imam police say may be tied to the orlando terrorist goes "on the record." you will hear directly from him coming up. to be healthy. but can your multivitamin do more for your immune health? now one a day has the first multivitamin with probiotics to support the 70% of your immune system that's found in your digestive tract. new one a day with probiotics. your multi with more. ♪ experience the thrill of the lexus gs f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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we're back live in orlando, florida. investigators are beginning to put together the disturbing puzzle about the
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terrorist's possible connections to isis. fox news middle east and terror expert and trump foreign policy advisor walid phares goes "on the record." good evening, walid. >> good evening, greta. >> walid, i would suspect that the first step that the fbi is doing is they are going through his computer to see what sites he has visited. would that be a good start to see whether or not he is tied to isis? >> absolutely, everything has to do with lab top devices, communication systems. any device with people he connected with, assuming his wife and others, all of that, the fbi should be going in into detail and doing it very fast because those who assumably were in touch with him are cleaning up the path. any connection to him has now been taken care of by those who were in touch with him, if any. >> what's the attraction to isis for someone like this guy? there are a lot of muslim americans who are not doing. this what's the attraction for some who become these just wicked terrorists and
4:23 pm
they are helping isis and spreading this? >> look, greta, the distance, incident electric actual, ideological distance between a community and isis is very long and very large. the assumption that being an american muslim and therefore being attract to do isis, that doesn't hold a ground. reality is that the path to become a jihadist is very long before he gets to isis. people become jihadists and then are attracted to isis. now, very few cases whereby isis is the one working on you. >> you know, i have a sense of survival. these people want to die. what is it that makes them so willing to die and take everybody with them? >> once they pass the era of being frustrated and many people are, that doesn't take tout decision to die. then there is something called validation. somebody is validating to you that your decision to go
4:24 pm
and die is going to make of you somebody much superior, somebody much more important than everybody else. and you are going to be serving a cause. so the issue of being convinced that there is a cause is crucial. without it, you know, you won't get jihadist. you won't get influenced by isis. >> are you surprised that his wife is being investigated tonight? >> not at all. i mean with the statement that we've heard, of course she should be asked questions. what concerns me is every time you and i have this conversation and with many other i assume we always think of the next and just few months, california, before that paris, brussels. what concerns me is are there many mateens around? different kind of mateens and what are we doing about it? are we able to detect them before they act? >> i think we have to have more of a world commitment to destroy isis and not contain isis. because as long as they are alive they are going to try to continue to get followers like this cruel guy.
4:25 pm
anyway, walid, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> police say a controversial imam may be linked to the orlando terrorist. what does that imam have to say about that and about the horrific terror attack did you know the street from me? he goes "on the record" next.
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4:29 pm
mark thompson is live in paris. mark, tell me what happened. >> it was an attack that has really -- it's really targets the police community hearing from them today. they seemed to have been very affected by it. just give you a little bit of a time line around 8:30 p.m. on monday evening. the attacker, he went to mannanville 50 miles west of paris and went to the home of a french police commander. he ambushed him. he stabbed him nine times. he then took the commander's partner and their 3-year-old son hostage. the partner was later found to have her throat cut inside the home. now, a neighbor did raise an alarm quite early on. although it took about an hour for appear at this terror forces to arrive there quite a distance for
4:30 pm
them to make up. in that time recorded a facebook live video in which he took responsibility for this attack and said that it was because he had -- was taking responsibility on behalf of the islamic state group al baghdadi the head of the islamic state group who had recently sent out a message saying that infidels should be targeted and in front of their family at their home. so that obviously runs parallel to this attack. as i say the entire police force arrived about half nine and eventually because he was threatening to blow up the house. he said that he had explosives on him. they managed to get inside, kill the attacker and rescue this 3-year-old son.
4:31 pm
>> quickly as president hollande responded because he has been very tough on this terrorism. what's he say he is going to do? >> he spoke earlier today. he said this is definitely a terrorist incident. this is a message we have seen backed up by his prime minister and by the interior minister as well. as i say, this is an incident that really has shook the police force particularly. we are under a state's emergency here in paris at the moment. considering 2016 soccer tournament which is going on at the moment, as well as the tour de france, which is coming up. now, the police force at the moment say that they are allow to do take guns mommy with them to protect themselves. they want that if the state's emergency is eventually wrought -- brought down. they are obviously very worried. >> mark, thank you very much. now back to the orlando terror attack. police claim the terrorist who murdered 49 innocent
4:32 pm
people was on the website of a controversial imam. that imam is a former gang leader turned bank rob his or her served time in prison and released from prison last year. and today imam abu toba and his lawyer went "on the record." >> thank you both for joining us. >> thank you, greta. >> thank you very much for having us. >> tough time here in this community. >> it is. >> do you know the man who is mateen? >> the person known as omar mateen there has been reports saying that he was a student of mine. that's totally not true. he never registered at our school. he never took classes at our school. i don't know him. never met him those things are totally unfounded. >> has he never been to your school. >> never. we are online institution. so we don't have face-to-face classes but we do meet all our students online. >> so even if he were online, you would know him. >> yes. pause we do face to face. >> dan, have you learned anything to the contrary? >> to my knowledge, greta,
4:33 pm
there is absolutely no evidence that mr. mateen was associated with my client, was acquainted with him, was a student of his or, for that matter, ever met him. to the extent that he was a follower of my client, that is completely without our knowledge. >> mateen, why are people saying that, do you think? or not mateen, imam? why are people saying that? >> there has been a false report. someone erroneously put it out there that omar mateen was a follower of timbuktu seminary. i'm the main teacher at timbuktu seminary and people say these things. however, even went so far to say i was arrested and my companions were rounded up and that was untrue either. we haven't had any problems. we have been going on, doing business as usual. what we do teach is quran. we don't teach paramilitary training or anything like that. we don't deal with politics either. what we preach in the united states is that it is not proper for any muslim to
4:34 pm
take the law or the islamic law at that into his own hands. i personally don't think that that this person was going to that club to cleanse them or to kill them because they were homosexualities. from what i understand he was a constant person there. he was going there for three years. so, i doubt he had a problem with that. even one of the people said they knew him there. and that they had seen him getting kicked out for being drunk. drinking is the same type of crime as having homosexual relationships. so i doubt that he was there for -- maybe he had a problem with his lover or something like that because i heard that his wife said that he was gay and his father had called him gay in front of her. i don't know. but i do know is that whatever he did, he didn't do it on behalf of islam. >> so you disavow him? him as being a devout muslim? >> i disavow the concept of anyone taking the law into
4:35 pm
their own hand. that's a terrible thing that happened to those people, 50 people getting killed. 50 other people getting shot. islam doesn't -- no one can justify that with islam. not using just islam. there is no islamic justification for that we can't even slap people in the face in islam. you know, there are laws and there is rules. so, and that's a parent let alone as a law giver. the person was sick. the people or the person, because i also heard the guy that got shot 12 times said there were four shooters. i'm sure they are still doing their investigation, but, from what i see, whoever did that, they are trying to say they did it for isis or did it for islam. that is not true. islam does not stand for that i don't know about isis. >> how do you account for -- what's your theory on why he was close to the first american who went over, a bomber in syria, a suicide bomber? what's your theory on that. >> you know, personally, it's very hard to interrogate a dead person,
4:36 pm
you know. we hear about these suicide bombings. i personally don't believe that all those guys are suicide bombings. that's my personal. >> what do you think they are? >> i don't know they are dead. we can't tell. i have different politics than that. i believe that those people get blown up and it helps policy to say they are blowing up something. i don't know. islam doesn't promote that so, you see, i have a problem when if someone said muslims are doing something or doing something islamic and saying they are doing it for islam, that's schizophrenia. that doesn't make sense to me. >> you have to admit there is an awful lot of terrorism associated with islam. right or wrong. >> i don't agree. >> all right. so mateen is not one of your followers. he has never been to your seminary and never been online as far as you know. >> no, period. we know. >> period, nothing. no. have you checked. >> yes. we double-checked. >> okay. double-checked. you are getting threats. >> death threats. >> and people in the media are falsely reporting that mateen is targeting
4:37 pm
promoting terrorism. we asked them to stop. we are pleading with you. we don't have anything to do with this. our heart depose out to the victims and we didn't ever train this guy. never met him. he is not a student of ours. >> you condemn the act but you don't condemn him, mateen because -- >> -- from religious grounds we condemn acts. we don't condemn people. you know, we hate the act. we don't hate the person. >> you hate this act. >> we hate this act. this is not the act that can be justified by islam at all bring you more of interview with imam next. we are learning he had gay dating app. bizarre twist in the investigation. more live from orlando next.
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4:42 pm
police say the orlando terrorist was enrolled in his website but the imam denies this. now more from him. >> hypothetically, do you condemn stone ago woman to detective for adultery. >> no, i do not condemn that. >> do you condemn someone getting electric chair for whatever they get alec trick chair for you. >> think adultery for a woman is a death pntle case. >> not just a woman. why do you specify. >> i see women stoned to death but not the men are they stoning men to death. >> i don't know. >> the only thing i see and i haven't seen with my own eyes but i see the women getting stoned to death for adultery and not the men. >> this is unfair. if that was the case i would agree with you that this would be a biased type of approach. what i do not condemn is the concept that stoning is an inappropriate punishment for adultery because we find in the quran and -- that we stone a person who is an adulterer, meaning has been married. however, and i don't think that we have a foot to stand
4:43 pm
on when we talk about when we, americans, talk about some -- the death penalty when we also implement the death penalty. >> i guess ther thing, too, in islam, a man can have more than one -- >> -- still adultery is adultery. a man. >> a man can have more than one wife but a man can have more than one husband, right? >> of course not. it's not natural. >> how about politics, trump or clinton? >> trump or clinton? i don't like either one. >> why? let's start with trump. >> trump, to me, you know is he a new yorker. you know, normally i like new yorker and i like some of his brag obvious crazy ways. i like that about him. trump plays to ignorance and kind of like getting people to do crimes and hurt other people, that's not good for the country. like i just said, i think we need to be healing. i don't think trump is going to be a good president in that regard. >> hillary clinton? >> hillary clinton as a muslim i object to hillary clinton. i don't believe a woman should be the president of a
4:44 pm
nation. our prophet taught us whenever a woman is in charge there problems. whatever what if she is on men says and wants to go to war because she is angry? huh-uh. i don't believe she should be put in that position. we should be debating whether men should be on battlefield with men. no way. she hit those records of her phone calls and stuff like that, no. people when she was with that white water thing, people on her staff all of a sudden decide to do commit suicide? i don't trust clinton at all, you know, don't trust this guy trump. don't trust clinton but whether you have got these two places where are you going to turn? i like bernie. >> why? >> bernie seemed honest, real honest guy. did he have all the answers? no. i didn't think he was going to win but i liked him, you know. i thought he was a better choice for america. because of i think he would have been more even handed if he could. big business doesn't allow politicians to do much. people need to recognize that the president is just a manager, right? doesn't make all the
4:45 pm
decisions. you know. so, that's what i see about the two. is there a third person? >> so when they behead james foley, a journalist, your thought is what? >> i believe some journalists need to be beheaded but i wouldn't have done that. >> you believe some journalists need to be beheaded. >> i only say that facetiously. >> okay. so how do you -- in any way how you can in any way justify isis. >> i'm not justifying it i was just saying that, you know, no. i don't justify any of their activity. and i don't think. >> so shouldn't we stop them? >> no. >> because they are beheading people? beheading americans? >> okay. don't we have our own problems here? >> yeah we have got problems here. >> is it our business? >> well, apparently some of those problems are being imported here. >> only because i think, i think that because we feed into this and we grow it here. >> >> you can watch my entire interview and it's a whole lot more with the imam on and in the wake of this
4:46 pm
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"on the record" is live in orlando, florida. and i'm standing a short distance from the pulse nightclub. that's the murder scene, the site of the deadliest terror attack on american soil since 9/11. new tonight the terrorist' wife knew that he intend to do attack the pulse nightclub. at least that's what's being reported. she drove him to pulse nightclub apparently to help scope out the location. jason bellini is here. jason, what do you know about that. >> hi there, greta. i know that fox news is now reporting that federal prosecutors are seeking a grand jury to investigate her. they have been speaking with her, according to cbs they actually have put her on a polygraph test where she has admit to do knowing about
4:51 pm
his plans to do this, that he -- she was encouraging him not to go forward with this attack, but she is being treated as an accomplice where you have 49 victims, attempted murder for 53 people. these are very serious charges. >> what about his -- the report that he is on a gay app.? >> right. reports that he has been on an app. called grinder, location based app. we actually spoke with someone who said they recognized his photo and in that photo he was standing in front. >> like the location meaning if you want to meet up with someone you can find each other. >> show the photo of the person and then, yes, it shows how far away they are from you. and there is somebody who said that they are sure that they saw him on that app. there recently. >> but we don't know, we have to see his phone to see whether or not he was on it, right? or his laptop to verify that? >> they are talking to grinder and grinder is not saying whether or not he had a profile on there, but they are cooperating with federal investigators on this. >> and there are reports that he has actually been to the pulse?
4:52 pm
>> yes, multiple. >> not just to scope it out. >> multiple reports we got another witness who goes to that bar frequently said that 70-year-old man who actually said that he met him, talked with him. their friends were offput, had a short hair cut. something a little bit off to him about him being there. but other reports that, you know, he was gay and that he was seeking, you know, that he was in relationships with men. none of that has actually been verified. but, you know, there is multiple people now are saying they have seen the guy in person they are feeling very confident about. they are sure. >> see his laptop and cell phone and what they show. jason nice sty. >> nice to see. >> you coming up the brother of one of the 49 terror victims goes "on the record." that's next. introducing otezla, apremilast.
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4:57 pm
injured. 35-year-old gene carlos mendez is one of those murder victims. gene's brother alvin mendez joins me. i never know what to say. is there anything anybody could say to you at this point. >> we are devastated by the tragedy that happened. we're very -- our families unite now and at this moment some alone time and now we're sad. tragedy of my brother. >> the best we can honor them by getting to know them a little bit. what was your brother like? >> my brother is a light-skinned guy. he had like a little mustache. he paint his hair like blond hair. is he like a stylish guy. very happy. like music. kind of happy guy. a lot of people love him. is he very friendly guy. >> and, you know, and this now, this destroys your
4:58 pm
family. >> one person destroyed a whole lot of families. 50 people. we don't know how many but our families are very devastated now with this tragedy of my brother's. >> how did you find out? >> i live in new jersey. i was watching the news. my kids was there. said orlando shooting in orlando. i just ignore it and then i start looking more at the tv and then i call my brother's wife. she live here. and i said cathy, something is happening in orlando. you have heard about what happened? a shooting? she said no. i don't know what's going on. then she find out on the tv that my brother, she calls somebody that was my brother's friend and they say he was in the club. so we was worried about if he was in the club. couple friends at that moment. that's when i start shaking
4:59 pm
and my heart is broken thinking the worst thing a mass shootout like this. >> incredible. i don't know if you know why these trucks are going by but they are all the satellite trucks and media they are opening up a little bit of the crime scene counsel there. they have been processing it the last couple of days. i don't know, i just feel so bad for the family. it's so awkward to talk to anybody because i don't want to say wrong thing. >> i don't know. we praying. we just praying, you know, our family is praying for him. my mother, i came here to support her. everybody is supporting her and the sad news about my brother, very, very sad. >> how many kids in the family? >> there is three kids. >> all boys? >> yeah, all boys. >> and jean, where is jean? >> he is the baby one. >> the baby one. anyway, i'm terribly sorry. alvin, thank you for joining us tonight. >> no problem. thank you.
5:00 pm
i thank you. >> that's all for now from orlando, florida. see you tonight right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next, "the o'reilly factor." good night from orlando. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> this orlando attack was just absolutely horrendous and, yet, he still doesn't even use the word of radical islamic terror. >> that's the key they tell us. we can't beat isil unless we call them radical islamist. what exactly would using this label accomplish? >> a verbal war breaks out over the orlando terror attack between president obama and donald trump. tonight, we'll analyze it with kirsten powers and karl rove. >> i just don't think our situation is comparable to lexington and concord. >> you to understand the history and emotion tied into the second amendment. >> trying to make the terror issue all about gun


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